What happens in a treatment visit?

Treatment room at Graham Physical Therapy

Treatment room at Graham Physical Therapy

First visit

  • Hands on and detailed evaluation

  • One-on-one treatment

    • Hands on bodywork which may include

      • dry needling

      • IASTM (tool assisted massage)

      • fascia release

      • joint manipulation

    • Guided exercise

  • Detailed discussion of

    • your questions and concerns

    • your history and symptoms

    • what is contributing to your symptoms

    • personalized treatment plan

    • your expected frequency of visits

    • home exercises

  • About an hour in duration

  • You will leave with a good understanding of what we are addressing and why

All subsequent visits

The momentum from the first visit is continued:

  • One-on-one treatment by the same provider for every visit

  • Continuous evaluation

  • Detailed discussions

  • About an hour each

  • You will leave with a good understanding of:

    • what we did each visit and why

    • any changes made to your treatment or plan.

Your last visit

You will leave with:

  • a plan to effectively manage your symptoms on your own

  • how to prevent your symptoms from returning

Please note:

  • Every visit is tailored to your specific body and symptoms.

  • We only schedule one patient per hour so you receive direct care from your PT for your entire treatment plan.

  • During these sessions your opinion and questions not only matter, they are essential for highly effective and personalized care.

If you have any questions, please ask using this contact form.