I was a patient of Dr. Amy McMillion, who treated my primary-use, right hand for ulnar nerve damage from overuse and a condition similar to Dupuytren’s Disease, which had required surgery. My left hand, which had sustained carpal tunnel syndrome issues from injuries and overuse stemming from a long career utilizing my hands also received treatment, including dry needling. I was in extreme pain in both hands and the cramping was so severe that even driving often became dangerous. Dr. McMillion completely analyzed, assessed and understood the multiple conditions I had, and treated me intensively and successfully. She is a highly competent and caring healthcare professional with a generous spirit and a good sense of humor, which helped reduce my pain and anxieties regarding recovery. I feel truly privileged to have worked with her as my physical therapist, and am grateful for her care of me every time I am able to use my hands.
— Julia B.

Dr. Amy McMillion was my primary Physical Therapist for six months, following two successive strokes I suffered which occurred three months apart. I am seventy-two years old and had led a very physically active lifestyle prior to my strokes. My goal was to return to as much of my physical work as a professional Horticulturist, as possible. Dr. McMillion helped me to achieve that goal with compassionate care, realistic goals setting, and constant encouragement. I am very fortunate and grateful to have had Dr. Amy McMillion as my Physical Therapist, and I am confident that I would not be as active as I am able to be now, with my chosen field of work, had I not had the privilege to have been her patient. She is extremely thorough, innovative and motivated in her approach to caregiving; she never failed to go the extra mile to assure my safety and comfort during physical therapy.
— Nancy H.

My family practitioner referred me to Amy McMillion for pelvic floor therapy for a left leg injury. A few months before, the spring holding my garage door in place broke, and the door fell on my shoulder. In a futile attempt to get out of the way, I ended up injuring the muscles in my hip and groin.
By the time I met Amy, I could not move my leg in any direction. My prior exposure to physical therapy involved exercises and movement, which I was now unable to do. I had no idea how pelvic floor therapy was going to help.
The first things I noticed about Amy were her compassionate smile and her readiness to offer help. She addressed my concerns with respect and reassurance. I appreciated how she valued my input and incorporated it into my plan of care.
My therapy involved both internal and external work on my muscles. Amy’s touch was gentle, yet effectively therapeutic. She took care to explain everything step-by-step and welcomed my questions. During our sessions, she taught me about muscle health, stretching routines, home exercises, breathing exercises, and how to regain a correct perception of pain. She helped me realize pain was not to be feared, that I could move forward in its presence. Her encouragement gave me confidence I could regain the use of my leg. I have seen definite improvement.
The best part of Amy’s attentiveness to my feedback, as well as its application, is that it allowed me to go home with a personal plan of care tailored to further my rehabilitation. Thank you, Amy!
— Joan K