Our pricing philosophy


What we mean by

Your hour is yours here


What we offer

  • a flat price of $75 for every visit.

  • 1:1 patient to physical therapist ratio

  • 100% personalized care

  • skilled care your entire treatment session

  • same therapist every time

  • mindful focus on you and your goals

What we avoid

  • wasted time

  • wasted money

  • compromised care

  • shared appointment times

  • overbooking

  • treatment by support staff


How can we do that? We do not bill your insurance company.


why it works and why it matters


the direct impact on your care

Treating two to four patients by the same physical therapist at the same time is a common reality of many PT offices due to the uncertainty of if, when, and how much the insurance company will pay. This directly affects the bottom line of the mainstream practice. The only way to make a profit is to treat as many patients as possible without compromising care too much.

We do not depend on your insurance company for payment which does two major things.

  1. We are not waiting for payments (or partial payments).

  2. We do not need to purchase costly resources required to optimize the billing of insurance companies.

the direct impact on your wallet

Guess what else this model does for you? Saves you money.

  1. When we save, you save.

  2. With quality and personalized care, you need fewer visits to reach your goals. Less visits equals money saved.

(That’s not even talking about the sometimes surprise bills you are avoiding from the insurance company.)

you can still use your insurance


Even in this “cash based” model (that’s what its officially called), your payments to us still apply to your deductible and you may receive reimbursement if applicable. This is possible if you choose to submit your bill to your insurance company using your out of network benefits. It is done online.

We understand that your symptoms are a big enough source of stress. That is why we help you submit your bill to your out of network benefits. We provide you with a detailed bill called a “super bill” (that’s what that’s officially called) and instructions on how to submit it to your insurer. We do not guarantee approval, however we do everything we can to make sure they get all the information they request.

To have the best experience with this process, we recommend calling your insurance company before your first appointment to:

1) make sure we follow all of their rules upfront.

2) set your expectations.

If you have any questions, please ask using this contact form.